Speak Up, Torrance!

Speak Up, Torrance!


Torrance Residents, it’s time to speak up and take action against bigotry and hatred in our city.

Say NO to Arthur Schaper for City Council!

On August 23rd, the Torrance City Council will vote to fill the vacant seat that George Chen is leaving for District 2. Eight candidates submitted their names for consideration, and among them is Arthur Schaper, a dangerous and volatile right-wing extremist. 

If you are not yet familiar with Arthur Schaper, here are some links with helpful background information:

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Arthur Schaper’s Facebook profile

Arthur Schaper’s main personal blog


Schaper is the head of the California chapter of Mass Resistance, a hate group that is devoted to anti-LGBTQ+ activism.  He leads these hateful rallies and protests and disrupts city council meetings all over California whenever issues arise that are contrary to this group’s agenda. 

While the main target of Mass Resistance is the LGBTQ+ community, Arthur Schaper does not limit his bigotry to just this group. He has proudly posted many times saying that Black Lives (Don’t) Matter, and he is quoted by NPR as saying that “Housing is not a human right” in reference to the homeless population in California. 


Schaper also uses his blog, “The State of the Union,” to bully and intimidate anyone who disagrees with him and his antics. Critics who dare to stand up to him often find themselves highlighted on his blog, with pictures and personal details taken from their social media accounts. He has, on multiple occasions, posted names, photos, workplaces, and classroom photos of local teachers, putting our educators and students at risk. 


This is not the kind of person that Torrance should even consider placing on City Council. Schaper’s behavior makes him a liability for our city; he would be setting us up for tons of discrimination and defamation lawsuits by continuing to publish these kinds of hit pieces on private citizens as a government official.


On a grander scale, Schaper is a devoted supporter of Donald Trump and still firmly believes that he won the 2020 election. He idolizes the most extreme right-wing members of Congress like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz. At the height of the pandemic, he was organizing and attending super-spreader anti-mask rallies across Southern California, one of which notably featured speakers from the Proud Boys. 


Aurelio Mattucci (Torrance City Council, District 5), Jon Kaji (Torrance City Council, District 1) and George Chen (Torrance Mayor) are well known and documented supporters of Arthur Schaper. They have gladly accepted his endorsements and donations for their campaigns and have made no effort to distance themselves from him. When the list of candidates for District 2 goes before the council, it is likely that Schaper will receive support from these three members. Is this the kind of person who we want representing our city?


The appointment of the new council member for District 2 will likely take place under the Community Matters portion of the meeting, as has been done in the past with council appointments. 

According to meeting procedures, there is typically NO PUBLIC COMMENT taken during the meeting. 

This means that in order for comments to be on the record, they must be submitted by no later than 2 p.m. on August 23.

Before August 23rd at 2 PM: Write a letter to the Torrance City Council expressing your concerns over Schaper being considered as a City Council candidate. 

Email here to be included as part of the official record of the meeting: CouncilMeetingPublicComment@Torranceca.gov

Email to reach all City Council officials at once: CityCouncil@TorranceCA.gov

Individual emails:

George Chen, Mayor - GChen@TorranceCA.Gov

Jon Kaji, District 1 - JKaji@TorranceCA.Gov

Asam Sheik, District 3 - ASheikh@TorranceCA.Gov

Sharon Kalani, District 4 - SKalani@TorranceCA.Gov

Aurelio Mattucci, District 5 - AMattucci@TorranceCA.Gov

Mike Griffiths, District 6 - MGriffiths@TorranceCA.Gov

Also email here:

Aram Chaparyan, City Manager - AChaparyan@Torranceca.gov

Rebecca Poirier, City Clerk - RPoirier@Torranceca.gov

Patrick Sullivan, City Attorney - PSullivan@Torranceca.gov

Fax Number: (310) 618-5841

Postal Mail Correspondence to all Torrance elected officials can be sent to:
3031 Torrance Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503

**Please note that all communication sent to City Council is a matter of public record. Given the track record of Schaper’s behavior with his detractors, you may wish to use an email address that does not identify you by your full name and either leave the letter unsigned or only use your first name and last initial**

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